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Avongrove Tea Estate

Nestled in the misty hills of Darjeeling, the Avongrove Tea Estate is an oasis of natural serenity. For over 150 years, our estate has cultivated premium teas using organic, ethical methods passed down through generations.

As morning sunshine filters through distant mountains, our plantation comes alive with birdsong and the gentle rush of the Balason River. A light breeze carries the sweet aroma of tea blossoms being hand-plucked with care.

Our nutrient-rich soil, pure mountain air, and cool climate are the ideal conditions for growing exquisite Darjeeling tea. The result is a collection of singular teas that transport you directly to the tranquil, rarefied heights of our estate with each sip. We invite you to experience the same Darjeeling we cherish, untouched by artificiality—where quality and community thrive in harmonious balance with nature.


Our Tea Collection 

The crowning jewels of our collection are the rare Euphoria First Flush and remarkable Imperial First Flush, both harvested at the peak of freshness. Our skilled artisans gently hand-pluck only the youngest, most tender leaves and buds to craft these exceptional teas. Their meticulous care brings out the graceful unfurling of the Imperial First Flush into an edible blossom when steeped. Their delicate floral notes and crisp finish will transport you to the misty hills of Darjeeling. We believe this personal attention to detail is the only way to achieve the refined flavors and sublime character of our prized Darjeeling teas. 

Explore Our Teas

If you are a tea connoisseur, you will love to lose yourself in the labyrinth of our exquisite collection of teas.

​● Black Tea ● Green Tea ● Oolong Tea ● First Flush ● Second Flush  ● Autumnal Flush ● White Tea ● Roasted Tea ● Ruby Tea ● Organic and Single Estate Teas

From Our Fields to Your Cup

Every time you sip our teas, you will sip a little bit of Darjeeling, too. We try our best to deliver you the taste of the unadulterated nature.


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Quantum Building, Shop No. 403 , 4th Floor Paribahan Nagar, Matigara National Highway 31 P O & P S - Matigara, Siliguri, West Bengal 734010

For queries/feedback call us at +91 8001020844
FSSAI- 12819006000511
INSTAGRAM- @avongrove_tea

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