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Organic Darjeeling Tea
Organic Darjeeling Tea - Avongrove is an established, high elevation tea estate in the Darjeeling district of India.
we manufacture tea the traditional way, nurturing every leaf from the time it is carefully hand-picked to when it is packed with pride as the finest Darjeeling. Our tea comes from a place with a quiet passion.
Suppliers, Manufacturer & Exporters of Organic Darjeeling Tea
  • Avongrove tea makes a great gift
    The finest hand-picked and carefully nurtured tea packed in quaint, hand-crafted wooden chests makes a great gift. Once the tea is consumed, the little chests are excellent to keep as boxes for knick-knacks or stationery.

    Select from a range of Avongrove’s very best organic Darjeeling and we’ll pack and ship you little tea chests ready to gift to family, friends or business associates. Each chest can contain a personalized message from you.
  • Why Organic Tea?
    The health benefits of tea have long been established. However, conventional tea produced with the help of destructive synthetic chemicals can destroy the soil and ecosystem and create health problems for farmers and consumers.

    Organic tea, on the other hand, is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Organic tea is healthy for you and safe for environment.
  • At Avongrove we manufacture tea the organic way !
    At Avongrove tea estate, the soil is enriched with natural compost and every aspect of tea manufacturing - from the time it is carefully hand-picked to when it is packed with pride - is carefully monitored to meet our Organic commitment.

    What you get is the finest Organic Darjeeling Tea!
  • Avongrove Darjeeling Tea
    Darjeeling tea is born from the beautiful slopes of Darjeeling, situated in the north-east of India along the foothills of the Himalayas.

    The Darjeeling leaf offers a unique flavour, but each estate has its own distinct teas and the flavour of a tea from Avongrove is unmatched given our obsession with consistent quality. View our range of Darjeeling Teas.
  • White Tea
    Avongrove white tea is a connoisseur’s dream. Made with only tips for a light, pale cup and a delicate, lasting flavour. White tea is the rarest type of tea. Made from the young leaves that are picked before the buds have fully opened, white tea undergoes minimal processing and therefore is close to it's natural state.
  • Avongrove is a Certified Organic Tea Manufacturer
    Avongrove is certified as an organic tea manufacturer by the USDA (USA), JAS (Japan) & NPOP (India & the EU). What does it take to go organic? Every aspect of the cultivation, handling, and packaging of Avongrove tea is inspected to conform to the regulations laid down by these organizations.
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Avongrove is certified organic tea estate
Avongrove is certified as an organic tea estate under USDA (USA), JAS (Japan) & NPOP (India & the EU)